We are setting out from the beginning to be as environmentally sustainable as possible; we know there is always more we can do but we are taking sustainable steps forwards. Some of our green initiatives are below.

Bug Accommodation

We have installed bug and other insect accommodations at our setting. In doing this we can see who comes to stay and how they live. Gaining understanding of these tiny creatures we can explain to young children that the smallest creatures want the same as things as us – to have a safe place to live, food and with the things around them that they like.  

Children can explore and learn more about their natural environment and the importance of the role these bugs and insects play. As the children see the comings and goings of these flying insects and bugs, we can promote learning opportunities through first hand experiences; there’s no better way to learn.

Vegetable & Herb Garden

In our planter areas in the nursery gardens, we grow our own herbs and vegetables.  Once these are established the children can pick the leaves and be able to smell the wonderful aromas they give off.

Introduction of Plant-Based Foods – Plant Powered Fridays

Our nursery caterers Zebeedes have launched a Plant Based Fridays menu. Plant based eating besides the health benefits contributes to the conservation of land and can benefit the environment.