Welcome to Ringle Rainbow Nursery for children aged 2 to 5 years. We are a warm friendly locally based community setting, where every child is catered for and with whom we have a real connection and bond with both children and parents. Where children will have access to the best mentors and resources in a safe and nurturing environment as they Learn, play and explore the world around them. Inspiring trust and confidence to take their next steps.

Opening hours are from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday 51 weeks a year.

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Discover what makes our nursery special and explore our inviting space.

Every child in Ringle Rainbow is catered in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our team comprises highly trained and seasoned professionals.

What Our Parents Say

"Really happy and impressed with Ringle Rainbow Nursery. My son has been going for a couple of months now and they've been great helping him settle after most of his life in some form of lockdown! The staff are all so lovely and friendly and it has a wonderful warm family atmosphere. The children do interesting activities and local outdoor adventures and it's nice to get all the updates and photos of his progress."

A Mom, Jan 2023

- A Mom, Jan 2023

"I'm very happy with the care my child receives at Ringle Rainbow Nursery, the staff are lovely and caring. I can't recommend them enough."

A Parent

- A Parent

"My child has settled really well and goes to all members of the Team when I drop him off. He enjoys his time at Ringle the staff are doing a great job."

A Parent

- A Parent

"We are very happy with the interesting and educational activities set, our child is learning lots of new things and skills."

A Parent

- A Parent