Ringle Rainbow encourages each and every child:

Ringle Rainbow endeavour to instil these values and ideas whilst most importantly they are having Fun!


Early Year’s Matter – What we experience in our early years, from conception to the age of five, shapes the developing brain, which is why positive physical, emotional and cognitive development during this period is so crucial. It is a time when the building blocks are established, laying foundations that help provide greater resilience to deal with future adversity. Research suggest that high quality early childhood education can have positive and long-lasting effects on children’s outcomes.

Our aim is to ensure each child is school ready, confident, able to interact with other children and form friendships. To set them on the best foot for their first years at Primary School.
We are continually striving to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, and having regular access to Forest School Activities we can teach the children from a young age to respect and value all aspects of the natural world and understand that each and every one of us can help to build a sustainable future and planet for generations to come.